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Why is everybody going to Tulum?

Tulum is the most picturesque and eclectic place in the Riviera Maya. Although it was not recently discovered (its importance goes back to the ancient Mayan history) more and more international travelers are turning their eyes to this astonishing spot of the Mexican Caribbean every year, seeking for unique experiences, amazing landscapes and relaxation.

Tulum is known for being one of the most eco friendly destinations in the world, with practices that go from hotel sustainability, small in-house commerce and a well being attitude based in healthy feeding and body care activities. Tulum is not your average spring break resort but your new favorite retreat from the big cities and cold stressful environments, not just because of the beautiful and almost undeveloped coastline but for its late rising over other Caribbean destinations.

There are different reasons for wanting to visit Tulum, but travelers find several more for wanting to stay. Tulum welcomes its visitors with the same hospitality which is given to friends, so everyone who comes to this heavenly place, find it difficult to leave. Whether the visit lasts a few days or for months, leaving Tulum feels like leaving a very basic part of ourselves, that part which connects us with nature, with the calm sea, with our spiritual selves. That sense that pushes people to decide making Tulum a permanent home. 

Tulum has something for everyone. Those who seek to relax and disconnect from the world find relaxation in the pristine turquoise waters and white sand of Tulum’s beaches and one of its many boutique hotels. For those who love (and deserve) to be pampered, the most exclusive spas can be found in this Magic Town offering the latest beauty treatments and ancient healing techniques. Foodies find in Tulum a wide range of gastronomic versatility due to the growing offer of international cuisine restaurants brought by the most experimented chefs. For the adventurous explorers, there are plenty of archaeological sites (Tulum being one of the most important from the Mayan Civilization) and for the most extreme, the possibility of practicing various water sports, such as diving and windsurfing.

Tulum is a paradise that tourists need to enjoy from the perspective of the locals. This Magic Town has everything to give you the best experience of your life.