Tulum Handcraft

Arts and Handcrafting in Tulum

The cultural and artistic richness of Mexican traditions is unmatched, and certainly one of the greatest cultural expressions is handcrafting. This is an antique practice that comes from ancestral cultures from this place. Mayans and Aztecs capture their legacy in mural painting, crafting art with feathers, or molding clay, among many other artistic representations. Now a days this legacy shows us a little bit of who this people were, their life, their society, religion and cosmogony.

As many other places, Tulum is a place that gathers a great variety of art and crafting, taking the prehispanic influence of the Mayans and the people from Yucatan, Tulum handcrafts its own art with materials as bejuco, wood, colorful threads, along with materials extracted from the sea as shells, starfish and sand.

One of the most representative handcraft from here is the hammock, hand made and multicolor, this interwoven is used to rest and sleep. Another typical garment is the Huipil, made with fresh fabric, hand embroidered and multicolor.

One of the key pieces on the Mayan jewelry is the jade, a precious green stone.

As we are a touristic center, you can find handcrafting from all over the country. Amber jewelry from Chiapas, textiles, handbags, toys and accessories.

The world known Huichol arts, made with tiny beads over wooden canvas, these are truly art works, which represent animal figures and elements from the cosmogony of the Huichol people. Each element of the piece is very important overall, nothing is placed there without a meaning.

We also can find art from Oaxaca, like the black clay, and textile apparel.

A lot of contemporary crafting pieces come from the center of the country, made out of aluminum, brass, blown glass, wooden little boxes hand painted and decorated with important moments in the cultural life of Mexico, like “Dia de Muertos”, Mexican wrestlers, cultural icons like the famous painter Frida Kahlo and “catrinas”.

Our hand craft enclosed a cultural value is very well known, besides most of the time a lot of work and effort is necessary to create this pieces, that is why we recommend not to bargain to the artists, by not doing that you will contribute to preserve this form of art, and to be transmitted through generations to come.

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