Tulum Cenotes Natural Wonder

Cenotes in Tulum, a Natural Wonder to Enjoy

Cenotes in Tulum were created long time ago due to massive geological events that generated these marvelous and gigantic underground rivers and caverns, which are somehow connected between them and are unique in the entire world. The word “cenote” comes from the Mayan word “dzonoot” and it literally means “water hole.”

The water inside these underground caves is sweet and crystal clear. It can be appreciated in beautiful colors such as deep blue in the darkest places and bright green in lighter areas. You can find Mother Nature’s artwork called stalagmites and stalactites, rock formations that grow from the ground up or hang from the cave’s ceiling. There are three types of cenotes: open, semi-open and underground, also known as caverns.

For the Mayan culture, the cenotes were sacred rivers from which life was originated but at the same time they were considered the gates of the underworld. The Mayans used to practice magical rituals to get in touch with their gods and offer them sacrifices. They were also a very important source of water for the Mayan communities around the jungle. According to their beliefs, the universe was divided in three cosmological levels:

  1. Mid world, the Earth
  2. Super-world, the Heaven
  3. Underworld, or Xibalba

The cenotes were part of the last world.

What can you do in the cenotes in Tulum?

There are a lot of activities available in the cenotes. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling or just sink into their fresh and clear water to relax and swim. The average temperature of a cenote is as fresh as 64°F throughout the year, in contrast with the high temperature across the Riviera Maya. It is really invigorative to swim in these waters.

You will find a wide variety of cenotes in Tulum, in all of their 3 types, each of one will be very special and a unique experience. The most visited are:

It is also worth to pay a visit to Cenote Cristal and Cenote Escondido, good places to hang out with your friends or family and have a great time.

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