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Practicing Yoga at Tulum

You go to the beach to relax and you do yoga to relax, so it seems like a no-brainer to unite the two, right?

Tulum has become a major Yoga spot during the last years. This discipline has increase its popularity due to the need of people for taking a break of their stressful city lives, and it’s practice is great for those looking for a healthy lifestyle. Vacation time does not have to be a reason to pause your Yoga practice. If you’re someone that has been skeptical about entering the Yoga world it may be because you still haven’t found the right place to practice it. Tulum with its gorgeous beaches and relaxed environment may be what you need to start a practice that’s not only good for the body, but for the mind and soul too.

The warmth of the sand, sound of the waves, smell of the ocean, and the gentleness of the wind can all help bring you to a calmer, more peaceful place which is all you need to practice Yoga, no matter what style you choose.

Still not convinced? Here are some benefits of practicing Yoga (which you can feel from the first time you try it).

Practicing Yoga helps to improve poor blood circulation, cleanses the body of toxins, gives you more flexibility in muscles and joints and it’s a great workout. (Have you seen any Yoga enthusiast which is not fit?) It is known for helping in depression treatment and leads to a more peaceful and balance lifestyle. Some people consider it an holistic medicine treatment and for others leads to spirituality.

One of the basic aspects of Yoga is learning how to breathe (sounds ironic that most of us don’t know how to do it properly despite the fact that is something that we do all the time) Breathing properly helps give your muscles the oxygen they need to be at their best, and it helps channel your inner calm.

Practicing Yoga Tulum Tulum Yoga Sunset

When you combine the practice of breathing more deeply and fully with the fresh air at the beach, you’ll be cleaning out your lungs, bringing more oxygen to your body, and improving your overall energy.

Due to its warm weather, beautiful beaches and , Tulum has welcome lots of Yogi Masters and Yoga gurus from all around the world for some years now, hence the possibility of finding lots of schools and styles to practice, no matter if you are a starter or a Yoga veteran.

If you’re not into the outdoor practice (it can get hot) Tulum offers plenty of options to practice, as a lot of Yoga studios have been around for a while. You can even try it at a Cenote or in public parks.

Tulum has recently been recognized as an International Yoga Capital City as it is home for many Yoga retreats and seminars. This year, the Magic Town of Tulum will be hosting the Tulum Vegan Fest which includes conferences, clinics and collective practice amongst other activities.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take your Yoga practice to a new level in this beautiful Caribbean paradise.


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