Tulum Paradise Siankaan

Sian Ka'an, a Paradise in Tulum

The Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka’an in Tulum, which means in Mayan vocabulary “heaven’s gift” is a nature marvel in the region where you can experience eco-tourism. Here you can find a lot of Mother Nature’s gifts such as beaches, lagoons, mangrove swamps, cenotes, the world’s second largest coral reef and some of the most astonishing archaeological areas in the Riviera Maya.

This reserve is located about 100 miles from Cancun’s international airport, through the federal highway to Tulum, and it is part of Tulum’s and Felipe Carrillo Puerto’s municipalities. To access these awesome eco-tourism treats in the Sian Ka’an area, you can take a tour from the Sian Ka’an Community Tours, a company that is managed 100% by Mayan local communities and it’s known to offer the best of the experiences while you, as a tourist, support their prosperity and local growth.

Sian Ka’an is divided into three main areas:

  1. Core zone, which is a protected zone. You will need a special permission to enter this area and it will be only awarded if you go for scientific investigation purposes.
  2. Buffer zone, it circles the core zone and part of its influence area. The activities here cannot interfere with the conservation objectives from the core zone.
  3. Transition zone, which human interaction is higher. Here we can find sustainability projects and touristic activities.

To have a better glance of the whole area, most tourists use to take tours to Muyil lagoon, there you can see beautiful and colorful birds flying around; then you can go to the archeological places where you’ll be able to admire their wonderful history. You can also get to go to the mangrove swamps and take a look to the crocodiles taking the sun, and finally you can go to snorkel into the coral reef, where you can find dolphins and turtles in their natural habitat.

Sian Ka’an, a paradise for its flora and fauna

The Biosphere Reserve is home to at least 103 species of mammals, 336 species of bird and the incredible amount of 1200 different species of plants. It was listed as a world Heritage Site by the UNESCO since 1987. The beaches here are very important, hundreds of tortoises come here year after year to pursue reproduction.

If you are interested to visit Sian Ka’an, here are some tips:

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