Tulum Coral Reef

The Tulum Coral Reef

The Second World Largest Reef is located in the Mexican Caribbean at the Mayan Riviera, and is the largest in the Western Hemisphere. Its extension is over one thousand kilometers long and it encloses other countries like Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.

Known as well as the Mexican Great Barrier Reef, its biodiversity is quite broad with over 65 species of stone corals, 350 species of mollusks, and more than 500 species of fish.

The Mexican Reef is an important shelter for protected as well as endangered species like the manatee, the queen snail, the loggerhead sea turtle (boba), the carey turtle, the black reef and the horn coral (Acropora palmata).

From Tulum beaches you may gain access to the Second World Largest Reef and you may explore it by diving, snorkeling or kayaking. There are various scuba diving schools in Tulum offering tours to the reef and if you are not yet a certified diver, your option could be to take a sailboat and, once there, you could swim or snorkel in the area. There are also many hotels with kayaks available for their guests to enjoy Tulum Reef.

For booking any tour ask for assistance to your hotel administrador, they may advise you and recommend the most suitable tour agency to your needs. You may also book online.

To swim around the reef is A NOT TO BE MISSED EXPERIENCE if you visit Tulum, where you can enjoy viewing the dazzling multicolored fish as well as admire the amazing coloring and formations of the reef and, who knows, you may find a turtle friend!

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