Tulum Bicycle

Tulum Bike Tour 

As Tulum is a Pueblo Magico which main attractive is the eco tourism, one of the main ways of transportation is the bicycle. Go around the town streets or through the beach on your bike is an experience you cannot miss.

There are a lot of benefits for you and your surroundings from using a bicycle. Beginning with exercising, this is a way of transport that helps you exercise without you even realizing, it is good for your cardiovascular system and for the blood oxygen levels. Besides it is an ecological transport, and by using it you contribute to the preservation of the environment, as you don’t use gas. It helps you saving, as you won’t spend in taxis or gas; you won’t ever have parking space issues, and on top of that, cruising around on a bicycle allows you to enjoy your surround much more, and realize small details that would go unnoticed if going in any other way.

With your bicycle you can go practically to any of the main places to visit in Tulum: Cenotes, the archeological ruins, manglares, and to enjoy the incredible nature that this place has to offer.

There are many options where to rent a bike withing Tulum, many hotels include them in their fees, also rental villas or apartments often come with a bike, if this is not the case, you can rent it in any of the stores located downtown.

There is a cycle path along the way from Tulum town to the beach.

We recommend always wearing a helmet and carrying a small bag that doesn’t weight too much, if you are riding at night, always using a lamp, or some bright color so the car drivers can spot you.

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