Todo Tulum

What to do in Tulum?

Without question, there is a wide variety of activities if you are wondering what to do in Tulum, but of course it’s not always possible to do them all during your trip. However, if you have enough time, you could do some of the most exciting, fun and important ones. One thing is for sure, you’ll be fascinated and you’ll keep that memory forever. Below you will find a list with some of these activities, make sure you do them all:

  1. If you want to fully enjoy your stay in Tulum, you will have to make a visit to the magical ruins around. You’ll discover these enigmatic and ancient constructions that will make you think about the ancestors who actually lived there. The great walled city, located aside from the Caribbean Sea, is the most amazing thing and you just can’t miss it. The schedule it’s from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  2. Tulum’s international sign are their cenotes, pure and crystal clear water caves under the sea. It is an exceptional adventure and experience that will make you feel a lot of good vibes and emotions. Coming here without visit them would be a shame.
  3. Aside from being a paradise, Tulum can offer you a large assortment of gastronomic possibilities. From the traditional foodie tourism to the most experienced and demanding taste. The city has a very rich culinary variety. Our advice: eat Tulum!
  4. The walled city of Tulum it’s full of night life, just like any other touristic place. You’ll be able to go out bar hopping from traditional ones to more specific ones, like salsa or cumbia specialized. But if you are more like a hardcore dancer and like to go to big parties, Tulum has exclusive clubs on which you’ll find the newest hits played by international DJs.
  5. Did you know that Tulum holds the second largest coral reef of the world? That’s right, and we are proud of it! You can go and contemplate its beauty and the ecosystem. You can also go snorkeling here.
  6. If you are more interested in the culture and folklore, you can go and visit the Sion Ka’an reserve and Punta Allen town. The ideal thing it’s to rent a Jeep and travel across the sand roads and jungle. You’ll have the feeling to travel in time. Don’t miss the lagoon joining the sea before you arrive to the fishing village.
  7. If you like the adrenaline and the excitement, you can always do kitesurfing, scuba diving, zip-wire and more!
  8. One last advice: travel light and avoid unnecessary luggage. Enjoy yourself!

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